Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thankful,Thankful, Thankful

Looking more like a true Georgia redneck all the time.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Cousin Kaytlyn's 6th birthday party at build-a-bear

My first visit to Chuck E Cheese

Getting ready to go to Noah and Caleb's sport banquet. I'm a little wildcat.
We are more in awe everyday that God has blessed us with these 3 beautiful children. It becomes more and more evident that Hannah was made just for our family. My favorite thing to do these days is to sit back and watch Noah and Caleb play with Hannah. I was so worried when we first came home that they were not going to accept having her here, but I was wrong. They love her so much and are so good with her. She loves them, too. I also love to watch her experiencing her firsts. The boys and I put up the Christmas tree last Wed while she was taking her nap. When she woke up and saw the tree, lights and decorations, the look of amazement on her face will never be erased from my memory. I cannot say the same about Santa, though. She didn't cry but was also not placing him on her list of new friends. She has also had her first visit to Chuck E Cheese and build-a-bear. Chuck E Cheese was a definate favorite and build-a-bear was good until she had to put the heart inside the bear (she wanted to keep the heart for herself). She definately has an opinion about things.
We also have seen about 6 doctors , had our follow up with Bethany, celebrated 3 birthday's, Thanksgiving and met our aunt Angie from Nashville and Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jim from Illinois, along with many, many family and friends here in Georgia. We still can't wait to meet Granny and Gramps in Illinois. We are hoping they will have snow for us at Christmas. All of our doctors appointments have gone very well. We do have to have tubes put in our ears on Dec 9th. We have have some fluid in our ears (due to our cleft palate) and this is affecting how we hear and how many words we say. We will also have to have some teeth pulled in Jan. (also due to our cleft palate), but otherwise good reports. We don't have to see the cardiologist for 4 years and the cranial/facial doctor was very impressed with how well her lip and palate were repaired in China. I will forever be greatful for the love and care she received in China.
I know it is easy to feel blessed when things are going well, but I can't help but shout from the mountain tops this Thanksgiving. GOD TRUELY IS GOOD AND HE DEFINATELY HAS A PLAN FOR OUR LIVES. Wait and see what he has in store for you!!!
All of our love,
Brian, Tonya, Noah, Caleb and Hannah

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Jennifer said...

She is so beautiful! I am so happy to hear that all is going well and the boys are adjusted to having a sister! God is so wonderful. His plan is so much better than we could ever dream! What a blessing that her doctor appointments went well. I will remember to keep her in our prayers on the 9th. Happy Thanksgiving! Jennifer

PS - Our Hanna loved the tree too!