Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday, January 4th

Hello Everyone,

Wow!! The past 3 weeks sure have been busy, but lots of fun. I started back to work (part time) the week before Christmas. I had a really hard time leaving home that first day, but I actually think it was good for both Hannah and myself. Hannah has had fun spending a few days a week with Grandma and I enjoy a few days of adult conversations. I hope to stay part time for a few more months.

As you can imagine, Christmas was wonderful. After almost 3 years of waiting, I could hardly believe that Hannah was actually Home for Christmas this year. It was so much fun to watch Christmas thru her eyes.

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for the pictures! I love the one of Hannah laying under the tree and sitting beside the tree! Hard to believe we've been home just over 2 months already! Jennifer