Friday, June 19, 2009

First time ever I saw your Face

One year ago we were sitting in a hotel room in Peoria,IL, getting ready for my cousins weekend wedding. As I checked my email, I saw that a new COP list had been released from Bethany. We requested the files of 3 precious little girls. Now for all previous COP lists, we went over their profiles with a fine tooth comb and had all the docs at the Pediatricians office I work in review their medical history until we were absolutely sure their COP was something we could handle. Now, here we sat in a hotel room with no one to ask any questions of, but unlike all the other times; I KNEW we were suppose to ask for this one little girl. Then on June 24th, we got the call. She was ours and life has never been the same. She definately lights up our lives.


sarah said...

What an amazing story! I love how God brings families together perfectly! Happy 1 year "anniversary" : ) Sarah Zuidema

Jennifer said...

God is so good!