Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday, Oct 27

Riding the baby rollar coaster

Watching the pigeons at the park

Just being cute

One of the rollar coasters at the park

Driving the car

Only 5 more days!!!!
Today we visited a Chinese amusement park. They had many rides that would be similiar to rides we have at home. Noah and Claeb- it made us miss you all the more, because we knew you would have liked it. We didn't ride any rides( well one with Hannah), because each ride cost money and also because our quide Helen is always eager to hurry up and be done. She is very nice, but you can tell she has been to these places way to often. We get a kick out of her. Tomorrow we are headed to the Shanxi museum and then we leave on Wed morning. We are so excited that it is almost time to come home.
Without any one to help us with ordering food, Brian and I have had pizza or spaghetti every meal, except for our one meal at McDonalds. Even then, depending on how well our waitress understands English, it is always a surprise what we will get on our spaghetti and pizza. Tonight was a real surprise. Noah and Caleb- we are going to Longhorns when we get home.
Hannah is still doing really well. I do think she is tired of being stuck in this hotel room. We have heard that our next hotel has a big playroom, plus we will be with all the other families and their kids. That should make the last 3 does go by quicker.

Can't wait to see all of you!! All of our love, Brian, Tonya and Hannah

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