Friday, October 17, 2008


Wow! Where have the past 30 hours gone? We left home at 4am on Thursday and it is now 930pm in Beijing and we have had no sleep! We are ready for bed!! In fact, Brian is asleep.

The trip here went very well, just very long. I still can't even believe we are here. Looking outside our Days Inn Hotel, it feels like being in downtown Atlanta (except you can't read the bill boards). Tomarrow we will have our orientation and then begin exploring Beijing. I can't wait to share this wonderful and crazy journey with all of you!!

Love to you all and goodnight!


Hannah H. Hardy said...

I am so happy ya'll got there safe and sound.. Get good rest b/c ya'll journey is about to being!! I'm praying for ya'll every day!! I love ya'll!!!
Hannah H.

Lynda P Hall said...

Hey....glad to hear ya'll got there safely!! I'm so excited for your family! Little Hannah is a VERY lucky little girl and it won't take long for her to know how loving and special ya'll are! Have fun and enjoy!! We will be praying for ya'll!!


Jennifer said...

So glad to read that you are safe and sound in China! Have fun and enjoy the experience. Robert and I are praying for you daily. Bring that girl home ASAP!!! Can't wait to hear all about!!! Love you guys, Jennifer and Robert