Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday, Oct 26

Meeting Ronald for the first time

French fries are pretty good

Look at that load!

We just happened upon these Chinese dancers

I want to be like Mama!

Only six more days until we are home!!!! Today was a free day and we did make it to McDonalds. Hannah wasn't so sure of it at first, but quickly decided it was pretty good stuff. Other than McDonald's , it was a pretty quiet day. There is not a lot to do here in Shanxi Province. Unlike Beijing, we have not been able to find any open air markets to shop in with authentic Chinese gifts. The markets here tend to have more of a Western want to be theme. Tomorrow, our guide is taking us to a park. Hopefully, it will be a park where Hannah can actually get down and play. She has alot of energy to run off.
Mamma and Baba think our little girl is really smart. She tries to imitate everything we do and is beginning to understand several English words. She is even answers to Hannah, better than YiLin. So we are solely calling her Hannah. I am quessing that her foster family called her something else, because she did not respond to YiLin at all. I wish that we would have been able to talk to her foster family to ask them these questions. The nanny from the orphanage did not know much about her at all.

Noah and Caleb we miss you like crazy and can't wait to to give you hugs and kisses. Mom, dad, Tammy and Cindy thank you so much for taking care of our little boys ( ok our big boys). We love you all. And to all my girls at work---you guys are great!!!


Jennifer said...

Still loving the pics. I saw Noah and Caleb at church, they both looked good. You can tell they miss you guys though. Can't wait for you to get back so we can meet this little girl in person!!! Love, Jennifer

noah said...

y the heck are u calling padre baba?

Cindy said...

Hi, just got your website from Jennifer today. Mallory and I have enjoyed looking at all the pictures. She is so beautiful. We had a great weekend with Noah and Caleb. The race was great and on the way home we stopped at an Aviation Museum in Warner Robins. Noah and Mark had a good time talking about all the planes. Have a safe trip.
Love, Cindy

j.wiley said...

So she loves Ronald, now I know she's your child (miss happy meal)
Keep those pictures coming. see you guys soon.
love, Jennifer